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AUDIO MOBIL Elektronik - System Service Provider

Securing individual mobility is the strategic approach of AUDIO MOBIL. The connection of human, machine and environment (HME HME
HME is the abbreviation of human-machine-environment and denotes the connection of the three worlds. In the context “automobile” this means the intelligent cross-linking of driver, vehicle and infrastructure. This connection ensures safe and fast traveling. Wireless transmission modes play an important role: They guarantee a fast data exchange between the different worlds.
) is of particular importance. But also HMI HMI
HMI is the abbreviation of human-machine-interaction. Firstly, this means that the human must be able to easily communicate with and control the machine. Secondly, this means that the machine must react to the user and reply with signals which are easy to understand and process by the user.
, V2X communication and traffic management are part of AUDIO MOBIL’s focus topics. From fundamental research to serial production – AUDIO MOBIL invents the future.

Working for the future means understanding the present. The staff of AUDIO MOBIL do exactly that: They comprehend the vehicle as a whole and focus not only on one field. That leads to integrated, customer-oriented solutions that blend smoothly into the vehicle. In every sector, AUDIO MOBIL emphasizes the intelligent linking of mobility technologies, lightweight design, low-power-consumption, and intuitive operation.

As a system service provider system service provider
The term system service provider is composed of the terms system supplier and service provider. AUDIO MOBIL does not only carry out research and development, the company also produces and supplies the products. The holistic approach is considered very important: AUDIO MOBIL creates intelligent system solutions instead of individual electronic components.
AUDIO MOBIL covers research and development of electronic components as well as their production and distribution. The experience and expertise of the employees guarantee best consultation and assistance of the customer. AUDIO MOBIL does not only create innovative products, AUDIO MOBIL also fuels enthusiasm – enthusiasm for the technologies of the future.

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