Research can prove that something will be meaningful and profitable.

It goes without saying that it is also the basis of all our ICT developments. We simply believe that we owe your customers something: good old goose bumps when it comes to sound. Or simplicity when it comes to the essence of data, usability, and convenience. We want to dissolve the threshold between analogue and digital when your customers use one of our systems or features.

That’s what we’re researching and that’s what drives us.

AUDIO MOBIL works and conducts research in the scope of HMI, Info- & Entertainment and advanced vehicle networking for the international automotive industry.

You are facing a technical challenge or have a vision but don’t know how to put it into automotive action? Contact us.


  • Restricted testing ground
  • Close cooperations with external research institutions and universities
  • Focus on research are of gender-sensitive occupant and mobility behavior
  • Applicable benchmark procedures
  • HMI research laboratory
  • Simulators, laboratory set-ups and live testing

Additionally, AUDIO MOBIL offers a variety of solutions regarding the Human Machine Interaction in the car in form of 50 patterns, which optimize the operating concept.

You can download the patterns here.