Corporate social responsibility

We have responsibilities, and that’s a good thing.

We like to take responsibility on because we think in a considered and sustainable way with perspective. We are aware that the industry in which we work demands a lot from the environment. On the other hand, this industry has led to individual freedom and accessibility of places, people, and cultures more than very few others. So what are we doing, specifically, to be truly sustainable?

First, we review our supply chain to the best of our knowledge and belief. Money and tension are one thing, future and responsibility another. We believe that money can be reproduced over and over again, but a gambled away future can’t be.

Then we make sure that we are not only process-efficient but also energy and resource efficient. We work hard to constantly improve ourselves in this respect and define Moore’s Law as a challenge.

We also think about how we can bring logistics, emissions, and secondary energy costs into a relationship that is not justifiable and arguable, but desirable.

We know that pursuing perfection is foolish, or at least senseless. Nevertheless, we try to approach the ideal state of CSR even when we have to accept inconveniences.