Careers at Audio Mobil

We don’t claim to be fantastic in general.

No workplace in the world is, we believe. In every industry, in every company in the free economy, stress, deadline pressure, and differences of opinion inevitably occur every now and then. The question is how to think and act as an employer in general. We try to provide ideal circumstances as best we can.

It is clear to us that only people who are allowed to develop can harness and fulfil their potential. It is clear to us that everyone has good and bad days, sometimes it is harder to get going and sometimes it is easier. We try to deal with this in a fair and yet performance-enhancing way. We treat our employees with respect, we demand a lot and we give a lot. We are not a “daily free hugs” company, but as far as we know we are an employer and a team that is generally considered cool. So if you would like to apply freely and unsolicited, you can do so here.